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The Robust Smart Genset Solution

Keep track of key generator performance metrics like total energy produced, realtime fuel consumption, and energy produced per liter of fuel (kWh/liter ratio), power quality, and other parameters.Organizations can better understand the generator’s overall efficiency by tracking fuel consumption and comparing it to energy produced and operational hours.

Reduces the need for costly service calls and site visits to check the generator’s status, repairs, maintenance and refueling, helping to save time and costs. Instead of waiting for a breakdown, companies can analyze the pattern of energy usage and fuel consumption over a specific time period. If the analyzed data indicates that consumption is higher than energy produced over a longer period of time, companies can perform preventive maintenance.

Our analytical engine calculates performance efficiency of a generators at any given time based on total energy produced, fuel consumed, and other parameters like temperature, oil pressure, etc. When any specific conditions are violated, an instant alert and alarm are sent to the respective facility management and service engineers, allowing them to take preventive measures and arrange any maintenance-related actions. Such predictive and condition-based monitoring improves response time to performance difficulties and detects any potential fuel leak or theft during operation.

genset monitoring

Genset Features

electric consumption
Electric Load Monitoring

Monitor realtime electric load on the generator through Apps and dashboards

HyperNet Smart Surveillance
Drillable Reports

Allows to navigate and view all the data on key parameters in a more comprehensible analytical way.

Automated Scheduling

Enables the appliances to be scheduled at the right time via web and mobile applications.

preventive maintenance
Smart Alerts

Be notified about min/max energy consumption levels, excessive voltage, and much more.

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energy consumption

Control generators from anywhere

Remotely control and monitor your generator with the ability to turn "on" or "off" generators from anywhere and schedule specific times to do.

Gain all critical information on your device such as fuel levels, battery voltage, oil pressure, engine temperature, generated output power, engine running time, mains and generator voltage and frequency, engine RPM, etc.

Monitor Generator performance

HyperNet Genset monitoring system provides realtime power generation data and also output useful reports on the consumption of fuel which helps in determining the condition of the generator.

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Successful Application of HyperNet
Genset monitoring

Genset Monitoring for banks

Genset monitoring for banks offers numerous benefits, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during outages, proactive maintenance to minimize downtime, operational efficiency, compliance, optimized fuel consumption, extended equipment lifespan, reduced maintenance costs, improved cost-effectiveness, and enhanced reliability and security for banking services.
HyperNet Smart Building

Genset Solution for OEMs

HyperNet genset monitoring offers OEMs real-time monitoring and remote management, optimizing fuel consumption, reducing downtime, and improving equipment reliability. It empowers informed decision-making, enhances customer experiences, and ensures reliable power supply.
HyperNet Smart Surveillance

Genset Solution for Enterprises

Genset monitoring for enterprises ensures reliable power supply, minimizes downtime, and enhances operational efficiency through real-time monitoring and remote access capabilities.
HyperNet Smart Surveillance

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