Smart Surveillance Solution

Keeping a watchful eye
on all assets

Smart Surveillance System can run on top of any IP and CCTV camera and enables cutting edge features to significantly enhance security and surveillance.


Providing Innovative
Surveillance Solutions

All CCTV & IP Cameras are connected to the platform to provide maximum visibility of all assets for complete surveillance. the process includes the identification of areas of concern. It uses computer vision and sensors to identify whats happening and what needs to be done about it. it Costs a fraction of conventional monitoring solution

Increased biometric security with advanced facial recognition. HyperNet Smart Surveillance can detect and identify the number of persons in a room at any given time. it also keep a backup of important footage securely on the cloud, Detect, deter and report intrusions – when they are about to happen.

Access the platform remotely from anywhere. With Smart Surveillance mobile and web app, monitor and gain key insights in real-time from anywhere. But none of these aspects need to be seen as barriers. the key distinction is secure remote access to both the live feed and archive footage powered by a centralized management platform. With the right system, this is a built-in feature designed to provide easier management and a better, more flexible user experience.

Asset Features

Surveillance Management

A full-fledged surveillance service that provides 24/7 live feed, as people count and capacity determination.

Comprehensive Reporting

Dive into reporting, and discover the powerful insights, updates, and operation trends about the smart surveillance system.

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Occupancy Analysis

Provides the user with occupancy analytics of their buildings and spaces, allowing them to regulate the capacity of certain areas, within safe or desired limitations.

Real Time Alerts

Generate alerts for occupancy, geo zones, and tamper alerts that will keep users up to date with over or under capacity areas of their premises.

Successful Application of HyperNet
Smart Surveillance System

Operate fleet safely with industry leading safety features

ATM Monitoring System

Monitor and manage your ATM with HyperNet Smart Surveillance, For banks, ensuring safety is top priority.. The system provides security and support to save time and resources, making your fully aware of all the activities in ATM rooms.
HyperNet Smart Surveillance

Smart Attendance System

Verified attendance with a glance. The system can instantly detect and identify the person and automatically mark the attendance via facial recognition Gain attendance audit reports and remove irregularities.
HyperNet Smart Surveillance

Smart Access

Permit access to a secure facility with HyperNet Smart Access. Only allow authorized personnel access to the facility/room/asset with 100% accuracy.Perfect for data centers, bank vaults, and other sensitive areas.
HyperNet Smart Surveillance

Gain Full Visibility of your assets
with HyperNet

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