Smart Buildings

Sustainable Building
Management Ecosystem

IoT-enabled centralized automated building management system that automates control systems of the entire building.


Buildings Grow Smarter With IoT

Remotely access and automate lightning and HVAC systems of the building with the Smart Building System. Allows efficient control and scheduling of various systems with smart sockets. The operation of the system is maintained within a specified range of the building climate, offer malfunction alarms to a building’s maintenance staff, monitor device failure and performance in all building systems, and lighting to rooms based on an occupancy schedule.

Control utility expenses with HyperNet Smart Building. Providing complete details about historical utility bills and previous payments. Helps reduce energy and water expenses by providing greater insights into consumption. Data analytics provide the details required for system automation and energy efficiency projects, which can result in significant savings.According to some forecasts, automation of Energy – efficient lighting systems alone can reduce overall energy consumption.

Access the platform remotely from anywhere. With Smart Surveillance mobile and web app, monitor and gain key insights in real-time from anywhere. the systems can be used to control just about anything. From chillers and boilers to AHUs and VAVs, controlling indoor conditions such as humidity, temperature, pressure, and more. End users, such as an onsite technician or facility manager, can log in using a phone, tablet, or computer.

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Smart Building Features

electric consumption
Electric Load Monitoring

Monitor realtime electric load on the generator through Apps and dashboards

HyperNet Smart Surveillance
Surveillance Management

A full-fledged surveillance service that provides 24/7 live feed, as people count and capacity determination.

Occupancy Analysis

Provides occupancy analytics of spaces, allowing to regulate the capacity of certain areas, within safe or desired limitations.

preventive maintenance
Realtime Alerts

Receive realtime alerts about max/min threshold fuel levels, door status, pilferage alerts, On/OFF alerts, consumption alerts and much more.

delivery dashboard
Geo Zone Alerts

Create a virtual geozone and track assets and occupany at any room/floor of the building.

HyperNet Advantage for Smart Building

  • Coordinated functioning of various building systems.
  • Remote access and control of all building equipment, minimizing manual control.
  • Providing the trouble free work of equipment and the possibility of preventing potential accidents on engineering systems.
  • Timely notification of service personnel about emergency situations.
  • Reducing the frequency and maintenance costs of building systems.
  • An option to integrate with the building surveillance system to prevent violations and unauthorized access
energy consumption
mobile genset mockup

Building Management became simpler & better

Using software and hardware solutions based on advanced Azure IoT technology allows focussing on the energy-saving projects instead of the cabling.

HyperNet Sustainable Energy Management is used which ensures continuous improvement of the electricity usage, to identify energy efficiency policies or assess the efficiency of applied policies. Smart buildings using sustainable energy management will become more efficient and operations less costly.

Successful Application of HyperNet Smart Buildings

Complete Building Automation

HyperNet enables buildingowners to optimize systems (e.g., lighting and HVAC) to reduce consumption and save money. Smart devices can create more convenient, less costly living spaces. These capabilities enable revenue opportunities for buildingowner service providers, such as warranties and insurance.
HyperNet Smart Building

Facilities Management

Optimize building systems to match occupancy patterns without compromising comfort. Connected IoT devices deliver around-the-clock monitoring and real-time data analytics. These solutions mitigate or prevent outages or shutdowns by enabling predictive maintenance.
HyperNet Smart Surveillance

Security and Surveillance

Prevent critical asset loss with real-time monitoring through secure and reliable remote surveillance. Live video and remote security features help facility managers safeguard people and buildings. IoT-enabled security and surveillance solutions provide greater efficiency and visibility from any location.
HyperNet Smart Surveillance

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