Waste Management

IoT-Based Efficient
Waste Management

Manage waste in an efficient way, reducing the environmental footprint and improving the quality of the service.

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Increased Operational Efficiency

Through AI powered analytical engine and bin sensors, always aware when the bin level is full or empty. Waste collection is automatically scheduled when the bin level is full and a pickup task is created in the system, so that no pickup is delayed. You can easily manage your waste containers with the help of smart sensors that provide real-time data. it will also allows you to monitor the fill level, inside temperature, unexpected movement and location, and any fire risk.

With real-time, IoT-based smart waste management solutions, there should be no more overflowing waste bins, as ad hoc collections can be dispatched as needed. This can help to improve environmental health by Contributing to the sustainability of our biosphere for a better future for our next generations by ensuring energy conservation

Our analytical engine calculates performance efficiency of a generators at any given time based on total energy produced, fuel consumed, and other parameters like temperature, oil pressure, etc. It will assist mangers in effectively identifying and managing waste sources on-site. These solutions work both at a high level, assisting managers in making more effective decisions, and directly on the production line, assisting floor workers in identifying and eliminating waste.

HyperNet waste management

Waste Management Features

smart schedule
Automatic Job Scheduling

Tracks and manages all new, pending, completed job details. Assigns pickups to the nearest driver.

gps routes
Route Optimization

The AI powered system automatically selects the best route with minimal traffic and high priority deliveries.

temperature sensor
Bin Level Sensors

Our Industrial grade dust-proof bin level sensor (sonar) sends recorded data to our remote servers to be used in Route Optimization Algorithms.

delivery dashboard
Realtime Alerts

Receive realtime alerts about deliveries and fleet operations. System also generates alerts about waste bin level.

drillable reports
Advanced Reporting

The system collects useful data such as trip duration times, fleet telematics, driver behaviour, and job productivity reports, letting you take better business decisions.

Preventive Maintenance

Schedule service maintenance of waste pickup vehicles. Reduce the downtime of operations by automatically scheduling and monitoring servicing jobs.

energy consumption
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You've got waste?
We've got the solution

We got the right solution to all waste problems. HyperNet waste management monitors and automates everyday waste management activities.

See all the bins on a digital map including bin capacity, waste type, previous pickup, GPS location, and collection schedule.

Manage waste and fleet safely

For us, Safety is top priority. HyperNet reduces risks associated with waste collection and delivery. Improve safety standards by monitoring:
- Bin capacity alerts
- Speeding & Harsh cornering
- Unplanned stops
- Engine fault codes

Prevent resource wastage with our waste management software. Manage waste effectively through, Bin capacity alerts, fuel monitoring, and much more

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Successful Application of
HyperNet Waste Management

Private Organisations

Whether it’s a university campus, theme park, hospital, or zoo, HyperNet has provided custom deployments to clients that had a myriad of different needs. The cost benefits and environmental benefits that are seen in large-scale municipal or commercial deployments are replicated just as well on a smaller scale.
HyperNet waste management

Waste Collection Companies

For a waste management company responsible for several cities, our solutions have provided insight into operations, identified areas for efficiency improvements, and improved performance in several key areas of waste management.
HyperNet waste management

Commercial Applications

Whether it’s a mall, convention center, airport, or office complex, HyperNet waste management solutions have saved OPEX for clients by reducing the cost and operations of their waste management operations.
HyperNet waste management

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